Benefits Of A Log Cabin

Benefits Of A Log Cabin

What is the first thing that comes in your mind whenever you look at a log cabin? We can guess, it could be its aesthetic vibe. But that’s not the only thing that the tiny woodhouse possesses. It also offers a lot of benefits that can make your day as well as night. So, here in this write, you will get to know about 6 out of several benefits of a log cabin. 

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Energy efficiency and electricity saving

The sheer massive size of logs contribute well in energy efficiency and conservation. These woods help even out the temperature by absorbing heat energy throughout the day and radiating it at night. Thus, it helps offer a pleasant living ambient. 

Moreover, log cabin with thermal mass helps reduce the needed space that an air conditioning system requires to reach. The desired thermal mass does not only facilitate the accommodation of proper shading but of cross ventilation as well. 

In short, the log acting as thermal batteries for day and night can offer perfect temperature. It means that you don’t even feel the need of heating or cooling system which also works to save your electricity bill to a great extent. 

Plus, log cabin is typically built in a location with direct sunlight, meaning, you’ll get natural light all day long. As you will get to enjoy accessibility of solar energy, you will forget the need of using electric light. Result, electricity bills are saved again. 

Better air quality: 

The wood materials of log cabin doesn’t only store carbons effectively but also regulate the humidity inside. As a result, it helps allow for better airflow that leads you to enjoy better air quality. For example, if you come to see any log cabin sale in Ireland, be sure what the materials are made of.

Sustainable and Renewable

Log is stated to be inherently sustainable that makes it a great way to enjoy green living. Wood cabin and products require minimal energy for their construction. Hence, it helps prevent the quality of air and water from getting jeopardized. 

Moreover, log cabin is made out of trees that are a kind of renewable resource. And you can re-plant and regrow these trees since they can’t be easily depleted like coal and other finite resources. 

Eco-Friendly Staining

Many critics underline the necessity of staining so that it can protect the cabin from exterior elements. There are many strainers that are harmful for environment. Hence, people go with eco-friendly stainer that has low to no volatile organic compounds. With this, not only it will protect the house but also the dwellers. 

Easy to build:

Log cabin is pretty easy to build. The frame can be constructed within 2 weeks so your cabin will not be very exposed to the harmful elements. As a result. you will be less likely to have mildew or mold issues. 

Lesser carbon emission:

Wood contains carbon that emits from the tree standing in the forest and gets mixed with the air which isn’t good for the environment. However, the good news is majority of the log cabin is made of dead timber that will not emit carbon. Not only it helps eliminate carbon emission but also works to make sure all wood is used and not wasted. 

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