Car Dent Repair At Home

Car Dent Repair At Home

Dent! One of the commonest problems that every car owner has to face frequently. 

And it`s really not handy to leave the car at a mechanical garage every time it happens. Plus, it costs a good amount of money too. 

Instead of sacrificing convenience and money, you can fix the issue right at your home if you follow some simple steps. 

Albeit you will get a lot of methods, the patching one can give the most professional outcome. All the steps are given my professional Car Repairing Experts.

car dent repair

Step 1:

At first, remove the paint of dented area. Rub the dented area with a 150 grit sandpaper as well as 1 inch around it for paint removal.

After that, clean the area using a wax remover and wipe it off using a tack cloth so that all the dust and particles get removed properly. 

Step 2:

Next, you have to mix the body filler. Use any old sheet to mix it on so that you can throw it away later. 

Mix the filler and hardener in a perfect ratio by using the spreading and folding technique. Never stir the mixture as air bubble can get into it in this process. 

Once you are done with preparing the body filler, you have to apply it very quickly on the dented area as it hardens very quickly. 

Step 3:

Apply the body filler over the dent and its surrounding area. 

Try to make the application as smooth as possible. Then wait for an hour to let it dry and settle.

Step 4:

Now use 80 and 180 grit sandpaper to sand the filler to make it look smooth. Plus, make sure the filler matches the car`s body contour. 

Then you have to apply some body putty over the filler since there might be some tiny holes in the body filler. 

After applying the body putty you have to wait only half an hour because it will be drying very quick. Once the putty dries, you can sand it with a 400 grit sandpaper to match it with the car`s body contour again. 

Sand it carefully every time. Because, this will determine your car`s finished look. 

Step 5:

Next, you have to cover your whole car except for the dented area since you will be applying primer over in this step.

Again, use some old sheets that you can throw away later. 

Apply 3 to 4 coats of primer on that area and let it dry completely. It will be best to leave it overnight. 

Step 6:

Next morning, remove the cover off your car and sand the area again with a 400 grit sandpaper. But make sure to keep the area wet by using a wet paper while sanding the primer. 

Sand it carefully like before to match with the car`s body contour. Stop when you get your desired result. 

Wipe off the area using a rag dampened with thinner.

Step 7:

Lastly paint the area using a spray gun. 

Make sure to use a perfectly matching color. 

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