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How To Clean Your Boiler Regularly

While you cannot avoid calling experts to check your boiler annually, you can prevent it monthly. If you keep your boiler clean regularly then there are fewer chances of it malfunctioning. Furthermore, if there is a chance of it malfunctioning, you can catch the flaw before it turns into a disaster.

It is much easier to clean regularly than repair once. But, you surely need the knowledge and tools to do it right. Therefore, you have to learn how to clean your boiler regularly. Also there are many boiler services you might try if you don’t want to clean it by your own, but if you prefer to do so, checkout the steps.

As a boiler deals with heat and fuel, you have to be a bit careful too.

The steps to clean a boiler

  1. Turn the power and fuel source off. 

The first thing you have to do is turn the boiler off. Along with it find the switch which will turn the fuel supply to it off as well.

  1. Remove the pipes. 

You can remove the pipes from the boiler but keep them in a bucket. The bucket will catch any dripping fuel from the pipes.

  1. Let it cool. 

As we already know, the boiler deals with heat, and heat can burn you or harm you. Therefore, wait for the boiler to cool down. You can clean it when it’s not being used so that you can skip this waiting period.

  1. Open the combustion chamber. 

The combustion chamber is the chamber where the fuel reacts with air to generate heat and this creates soot on the wall. This soot is the reason for buildups and overheating. So, you have to scrape it off the wall so that the next cycle can have a fresh start.

In fact, this soot can make the walls corrode and cause greater troubles. So, it’s best to deal with it on a regular basis.

  1. Replace the air and oil filter. 

The filters usually get blocked with all the stuff they filter. So, it is best to replace or at least clean them while you are at it.

  1. Shut the combustion chamber. 

You have cleaned the combustion chamber, it’s time to shut it with the nut again.

  1. Put everything in place. 

Now, you have to put everything back in place. Everything you removed like the pipes must be reattached to the boiler.

  1. Lubricate the circulating pump. 

You don’t have to lubricate this pump every time you clan the boiler but do it occasionally. Apparently, this pump supplies the heat from the boiler to the radiators. So, the better condition it is in, the faster and better supply of heat you will get.

  1. Check the gauge and thermostat. 

The gauge and thermostat may become inaccurate over time. A change of batteries or a complete replacement may be necessary. Check the readings and keep them n good condition. 

Final Words

If you do the cleaning in steps, it won’t turn out to be a scary mountain of work. Therefore, take it slow and easy. But, always keep safety in mind. If you think you are not cut out for the job, call an expert because many are available.

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